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A Powerful Prayer Approach

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Do you feel like your prayers aren’t powerful? Do you ever wonder if you’re “doing it right”?

Let me assure you that every Christian has felt this way. You are not alone, and you no longer have to struggle with an ineffective prayer life...

While there is no set formula for prayer, there are powerful elements found in many of the prayers recorded in Scripture. We can learn from these prayers, and other Scripture, to turn our everyday prayers into a conversation closer to the heart of God.

Powerful prayer is about a heart yielded to Him. If that is what you seek, then this book is for you!


For the Times God Calls Us Away From Our Plans: Following Jesus Bravely

Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” I’m a planner, yet the more I try to plan my life the more God tends to graciously disrupt my plans. One of those times began in the fall of 2020. I sensed God stirring. So, I leaned in and tried to pay attention to what He was doing.  

At the time I was consumed by a high-pressure secular job. I loved the work and frankly, I was quite good at it. Though the salary was nice and the title enviable, the stress, pressure, and lost time with loved ones were taking a toll. My plan was to tough it out for another 8 years, then retire early and find a fun job. But God had other plans...  

Click the link below to read the rest of the article on Becky Beresford's Brave Women Series. Coming November 15, 2023!


How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Our lives are a collection of choices. We make choices every day, perhaps too many choices. Some are trivial and some are consequential. One of the most important choices we can make each day is to choose our attitude.

Every day we can choose to allow our circumstances to dictate our happiness, or we can choose to adjust our attitudes. If we focus on our circumstances, we will often be miserable and devoid of joy. However, gratitude provides an entirely different vantage point. Gratitude changes your perspective by focusing on the blessings in life and looking outward toward the Giver of all good things. There is something about gratitude that opens one’s heart and mind to other positive elements of life as well. It seems counterintuitive, but when a person is truly grateful for what she does have – all the good things and experiences, and even the challenges – it shifts her focus off herself to God and others.

Click the link below to read the rest of the article at The Uncommon Normal - A Gratitude Series.


Culture and Strategy: 7 Characteristics Needed to Lead Through Change

Management guru, Peter Drucker, is credited with saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If this is true, then what should leaders do to ensure their organizational strategy, which is in the best long-term interest of the organization, doesn’t fall prey to the ravenous appetite of a culture committed to the status quo. Please don’t mistake managers for leaders. Managers and leaders are often thought to be synonymous, when in fact they are quite different...

To effectively navigate organizational growth and change, leaders must...

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn and is now available on my EnoughLife.com blog as well, titled "Brave Enough to Lead?"


Almost Forgiven

As Christian believers, we know that no matter how great the sin, God’s proven love is greater still. We recognize and worship Him for His Goodness and Grace, especially on Easter. Yet, sometimes, because we know our specific sin and how devastatingly terrible our choices have been, we come to secretly believe in the deep recesses of our hearts and minds that while God’s love and forgiveness is sufficient for others’ sins – and even for most of our sin – it can’t possibly cover that sin. Some of you know what I mean.

That sin, that private, deepest regret of our lives which we keep hidden deep in our hearts and for which we secretly believe we could not possibly be forgiven.

Friend, I have been there...


Fall for Jesus

I truly love the fall. I wait with anticipation all year for the crisp air, warm apple cider, the smell of bonfires and the proliferation of all things pumpkin. But my absolute favorite part of the fall is the spectacular array of leaves in their glorious, varied hues.

I recognize that to some the fall makes them think of the end of something, of death and dying. Some see the season of autumn as depressing, but I see just the opposite. The harvest season is the reaping of all things sown in the spring and the culmination of the hard work of the summer soil. The once promising immature seeds of spring have matured and are ready to be harvested for their ultimate purpose.

Dying leaves are merely fulfilling their life cycle – letting go of the former to make way for new growth. As they draw near their final dramatic act, the leaves display the apex of their beauty. This is their testimony, this is the culmination of their existence…and it is spectacular.

We too have a testimony...


The Alpha and Omega

Do you have a pet peeve? That one irritation, often outside of your control, that gets you every time. For some it’s grammar mistakes. For others it’s not putting the toilet seat down. For others it may be bad driving behavior on the roads. Whatever it is, we all have at least one.

For me, it’s not giving God His proper due – when The Lord God of the universe is referred to as “a” God. I have noticed it more and more in recent years, and it troubles me. At times it’s used in contexts such as “we serve a holy God” or a derivative like “the God we serve…” or “our God…” or even “praise to our God.”

Despite the best intentions of the speaker, the language suggests that the triune God of the Universe is just one among many viable options from which to choose, as though all are equal and we’re just glad that ours comes with certain attributes (as A. W. Tozer would say). To borrow a phrase from James: this should not be so, my brethren (James 3:10).

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