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I'm Tracy Hatch.

I'm a teacher, writer, speaker and executive with a passion to help people come to know, love, and follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. In 2021, I gave up my former life in high-powered, high-pressure, c-suite positions so that I could live my passion and do work more directly aligned with my calling.

It has taken me decades to learn some very important truths...about life, leadership, and the love of God. So, I'm sharing them and praying that they help you on your journey as together we walk this road of life.

Here's what I'm up to...

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A Powerful Prayer Approach

Are you hesitant to come before God in prayer?

Are you unsure what to say when you do?

Does prayer sound like a daunting task or a treasured time of connection?

Do you feel stuck in your prayer routine?

In this concise yet practical book, Tracy walks readers into a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life. While prayer is not a magic formula, there are components of powerful prayers recorded in Scripture which can open a life-changing love dialog with the God of the universe.


OneTen Ministries

OneTen Ministries, based on Colossians 1:10, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry on a mission to equip and inspire Christians to know, love, and follow Jesus as both Savior and Lord. We achieve this through the four components the Apostle Paul prayed about in Colossians 1:10, that we would:

·        Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord,

·        Please Him in all respects,

·        Bear fruit in every good work, and

·        Increase in the knowledge of God.



What if, rather than striving and straining you could find true, lasting satisfaction and peace? It is possible! It’s not about settling for less. It’s about finding the perfect, peaceful place of exactly enough of all you truly desire. The EnoughLife.com community exists to help all people learn to trade regret and expectation for the perfectly abundant life they were meant to live.


Finally Free Forgiveness Retreats

Among a variety of free resources, OneTen Ministries offers the Finally Free course. This is a powerful retreat-style experience focused on the freedom found by embracing a lifestyle of forgiveness. This teaching is truly life changing.

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event?

Looking for a dynamic and experienced speaker who effectively engages with audiences and interjects appropriate humor while delivering powerful messages. Then look no further!

I have a large selection of messages to choose from or request a custom message on your own topic. Existing topics include a variety of biblical messages and leadership topics.

I am also a certified Real Colors Facilitator.

Tracy Hatch

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